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Two Softgels a day keep the doctor away

Our day and night soft gels are created by physicians invested in preventative health. While most doctors focus on treating you, OVO MD helps you avoid treatment.

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By Physicians, for People

OVO MD is the product of a collaborative effort between doctors and naturopaths who value holistic approaches and natural remedies that have stood the test of time. Merging science and nature, OVO MD is a day & night supplement plan backed by rigorous research conducted by the top doctors in preventative medicine around the world. OVO MD's formula is designed to strengthen the immune system, keep inflammation at bay, and help you achieve a strong foundation of health that will protect you from future health ailments before they manifest.

Monthly Refills

Subscription plan for easy, no-hassle refills


Created by the world-renowned doctors in preventative medicine

Optimum Bioavailability

Optimization of nutrient absorption & utilization

Day & Night

Tailored to meet your energy and recovery needs


Based on real scientific data

Natural Ingredients

Made from the best quality ingredients, naturally occurring in nature

OVO MD Day & Night Soft Gels

OVO MD Day & Night Soft Gels

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Even our Baseline needs a Boost

Soil Degradation

Studies have shown that the quality of at least 1/3 of the Earth's soil is declining in its capacity to support animals and plants through loss of essential nutrients. You may be eating a healthy diet, but you're likely still not hitting your nutritional needs for the day.

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Bioavailability is a Science

Certain enzymes must be present in order to facilitate the breakdown of nutrients and make them available for the body to use. Without getting the balance right, the nutrients you consume won't be delivering their full potential.

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Health starts with a strong foundation

Health isn't just about treating symptoms – it's about creating a foundation of wellness to avoid suffering from ailments in the first place. Prioritizing your health always starts from the ground up.


From our customers


After the first 4 weeks I started to feel like a different person. My energy level is higher, my brain is sharper and I don’t experience the regular back pain I used to have.

Staten Island

I have been struggling with endometriosis for many years and had to go through many treatments. Have been using the softgels religiously for the past two months, and I feel a lot less bloated, this month I had a much lighter period, and the pain was significantly less.

Brooklyn, NY

Very different than your average vitamin. I stopped everything else I was taking and have been on OVO for almost 4 months. No more brain fog which is as my biggest issue. I also feel like it helped me lose some weight. Will not be stopping this and telling everyone about it.


OVO MD has been my shiny armor against flu. By this time of year I would be on my third round of antibiotics. It elevated my immune system by 100%

San Francisco

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